Porcupine Tree – Royal Albert Hall 14/10/10

It’s been a long time coming, but on Thursday October 14th Porcupine Tree played a very special sold out gig (well nearly sold out, if it wasn’t for Cliff Richard….but that’s another story) at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. I’m sure I wasn’t the only fan sat there in the hallowed home of […]

Frank Zappa: Joe’s Domage

Part 2 of Joe Travers’ archaeological exploration of the Zappa vault resulted in probably the most controversial ZFT release thus far: an old cassette containing a rehearsal from FZ’s preliminary explorations with the repertoire for the albums that would soon come to be known as Waka/Jawaka and the Grand Wazoo. So, what’s wrong with it? […]


A real surprise this one, but as with the Halloween DVDaudio, the success really depends on if you have a 5:1 system….which I don’t. So…what’s in it for the Luddite who doesn’t really fancy positioning a multitude of speakers around his already crowded living space? Well, actually many tasty treats – and perhaps one track […]

Stomach Ulcer Music: Part 2

A Semi Regular Look into the World of “Difficult” Music Michael Mantler/Carla Bley – 13 and 3/4 Loosely affiliated with ECM via a distribution deal, WATT records was the collaborative label established by composers Bley and Mantler to exclusively present their own music. And just as well, as even in the “golden age” that this […]

Frank Zappa: Joe’s Corsage

An agonizing 15 month wait was on the cards for Zappa fanatics after the release of Halloween and it did sort of feel as if the Vault may have involuntarily sealed itself up, especially as the ZFT had begun their curious policy of less than helpful information distribution: i.e, you got a new Zappa album […]

Frank Zappa: FZ:OZ

  The late 90’s was a strange time for Zappa fans. The Zappa Family Trust in partnership with Rykodisc had unveiled the rather wonderful “Lost Episodes” and “Lather“, but by the time that “Have I Offended Someone” and “Mystery Disc” came out they seemed to be accompanied by the highly ambient sound of the bottom […]

Porcupine Tree – Bristol Colston Hall 10/10/09

Firstly, the negatives: Colston Hall is a great venue, but the standard issue of three urinals per gents toilet is simply shite planning! Especially for a Prog gig with the male to female ratio the way it is, queues were somewhat huge making many a desperate patron suddenly develop mysterious injuries that momentarily allowed them […]


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