Seven Great Sequencer Moments

  That fairly unassuming collection of knobs and circuits above is an analogue sequencer. A device created to allow a musician to…well, basically sit back and generally not do an awful lot. Simply put, each row of switches above is designated to one note generated by a synthesizer with the possibility to then build up […]

Matt’s Playlist 27th February

1. Squarepusher – Just a Souvenir (2008) 2. Steven Wilson – Cover Versions 1 to 6 (2010) 3. Kimara Sajn – Life Stories (2009) 4. Pat Metheny – Orchestrion (2010) 5. Anthony Phillips – Private Parts and Pieces (the whole lot…all 10 of em!) 6. Genesis – Selling England By The Pound (1973…not the remixed […]

Matt’s Playlist 16th January 2010

1. Ralph Towner – Solo Concert (1979) 2. Ralph Towner – Chiaroscuro (2009) 3. Harmonia – Deluxe (1975) 4. Cluster – Sowiesoso (1976) 5. Mike Keneally – Scambot (2009) 6. Magma – Emehntehtt Re (2009) 7. David Bowie – Stage (1978) 8. David Bowie – Outside (1995) 9. Anthony Phillips – 1984 (1981) 10. Art […]

Matt’s Playlist November 6th 2009

The BBC 4 Krautrock documentary caused me to dig out some of my faves that I hadn’t listened to for donkey’s years, which then sent me in the direction of Eno before embarking on a Camel fest via Aphex Twin and more! 1. Harmonia and Eno – Tracks and Traces (1976) 2. Neu – Neu’75 […]

Joff’s playlist 30th November 2009

I’ve added some DVD titles this week, Derailroaded and Glass, A Portrait In Twelve Parts. I bought derailroaded a while back for £4 can you believe. It’s a must see for Zappa fans but be forewarned, it’s a harrowing film! Wild Man Fischer is certainly wild and you just can’t help feeling sorry for the […]


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