Matt’s Playlist – June 8th 2010

Lots and lots of awesome stuff being fed into the eardrums of late, including an obscene amount of the works of Kimara Sajn and his recording projects Polyethylene Pet and +1, as well as some wonderful 20th century classical discoveries and more (we’ll add the pics just as soon as our server starts behaving itself!):

1.  Kimara Sajn – Moment/Festival (2002)

2. Kimara Sajn – Life Stories (2009)

3. Polyethylene Pet – Distortion Parade (2006, but based on older recordings)

4. +1 – Day of our Lives (2000)

5.  Aaron Copland – The Young Pioneers (complete works for Piano)

6.  Roy Harper – HQ (1975)

7.  Emerson Lake and Palmer – Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends (1974)

8.  Present – Triskaidekaphobie/Le Poison Qui Rend Foi (1980/1985)

9. My Bloody Valentine – Loveless (1991)

10. Leonard Bernstein – Mass (1971)

11. Todd Rundgren’s Utopia – first album (1974)

12. Terraformation – Gardens Under Ground (2010)

13. Karda Estra – Constellations (2003)

14. Rush – Moving Pictures (1981)



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